Monday, February 28, 2011

that's right, vegetable escapades

Big News, folks. My first bushel from Farmhouse Delivery is set to arrive on Wednesday! Last week, I went with Melissa and Joji to Rain Lily Farm for an in-the-garden happy hour that felt more like a picnic. We had a tasty mushroom pizza baked in a mobile wood-fired oven (hey, check out that endorsement from Addie!), sampled a bite of plum walnut pie (why have I never thought of using plums in a pie?) and walked through the rows trying to identify the leafy tops of what was growing. This one, we got:

There's a good chance that this very butter lettuce could be on my doorstep in two days. I am thrilled about this! I'm also really looking forward to local vegetables already in my kitchen demanding that I find interesting ways to cook them — I'm thinking that home delivery will really cut past my laziness, as well as my tendency to not think about dinner until I'm starving. (Don't get me wrong — I'm usually thinking about dinner. Just not taking real steps to make it happen.) I've followed Melissa's many cooking adventures related to her delivery box, and I'm ready for some vegetable escapades of my own!


  1. These look so lovely and Springy! Super jealous that your fab vegetable delivery starts so early.

  2. i am very much ready for spring! stay tuned for cooking challenges with whatever shows up tomorrow.