Thursday, March 25, 2010

SXSW: Eating like I'm on vacation

Since outgrowing Santa, the week of SXSW holds the closest thing to holiday magic I've found. When else does simply setting out to see a band lead to trekking under the impassive concrete of I-35, then coming out on the other side in the welcoming, green haven of the French Legation and finding a grassy spot directly behind Ira Glass? True 2009 story! 2010's French Legation story: I got a bad, patchy sunburn. Still, lots of good music. And though I may not be as nimble as this guy, I did eat pretty well this week:

SUNDAY: I made these Mexican wedding cookies for a potluck picnic held in honor of friends getting married next month. Later at the Austin360 Texas Social Media Awards, I was wishing I had some in my pocket. (P.S. I was there taking photos for work — no one would mistake me for a social media socialite. P.P.S. They're way too crumbly to go into a pocket.)

MONDAY: Free popsicles from an Ice Cream Man with an altruistic mission

TUESDAY: Margherita pizza from The Onion after seeing Skateland

WEDNESDAY: Nacho dog from Frank

THURSDAY: No time for fun. Work!

What beet home fries look like when you're standing with hungry friends.

FRIDAY: Making up for Thursday with Korean barbecue tacos from the Chilantro trailer, blackberry- and clementine-flavored Izze for the price of $free.99, more pizza from The Onion and, much later that night, sharing menu items one through four from the East Side King trailer: Thai chicken karaage, poor Qui's buns, beet home fries and fried Brussels sprout salad.

SATURDAY: Espinacas con garbanzos at home before seeing Peter Wolf Crier at End of an Ear, then Eddie V's for a birthday dinner that was such a good time, it lasted four hours.

This is the first year I've taken part in SXSW events in the early, pre-music part of the week. Thanks to an invite from Addie, I attended Austin360's Food Blogger Bash, where I talked with Austin food bloggers Birjis and Shelley and had that pineapple basil popsicle, which fell on the ground as I opened it. Dropping ice cream is normally heartbreaking, but because the spirit of SXSW makes everything good and fun free, in this case it was an opportunity to get another flavor: chili mango this time. I think I liked the taste of the first one a bit better, but the chili mango did go nicely with my (free!) Mexican martini.

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