Friday, November 20, 2009

Here are the tools you will need: NONE.

I once made what seemed like a multitude of these little individual Oreo-like icebox cakes. They weren't difficult, just sort of time-consuming. Which I really don't mind. In fact, I'd like more of my time to be consumed this way. I baked a tiramisu cake the same day.

Another time, I made ravioli from scratch. They turned out a little lumpy, but fine overall.

The point is, I'm willing to put time and effort into all kinds of edible things. But never pie crust.

Why does it seem so far out of reach? Like don't-even-bother, cross-it-off-the-list impossible. Just forget about it and buy a ready one at the store.

All this is to say that I've been inspired/guilted by this post to bring something to Thanksgiving dinner that's baked into a real pie crust made by me. Stay tuned.

[My fear of turkey-cooking lives on.]


  1. beth bond.

    pie crust is nothing. it's like when i'm baking, homemmade pie crust is something i take for granted. it's not something i even think about. you must make your own crust. it's ridiculously easy. especially if you have a food processor. i use martha stewart's recipe, but i half it and make one crust at a time because my food processor is small. i'm even making my own here, without a food processor. don't disappoint me.


  2. M.M.M.,

    Seeing you whip up pie crust like it's nothing was my first real inspiration to do it on my own. Reading this is the tipping point.

  3. Good luck, Beth! Making pie crust from scratch is also on my scared-to-make list, so you are not alone.

    Happy Thanksgiving!